Our horse safaris are based on an ancient way of travelling which is offering especially horse-lovers the best possible way to get deep in touch with our wonderful country, which had been named in the past "Registhan" which means "land of desert“.

For horse enthusiasts this means riding all day long on perfect sandy paths through stunning landscapes

The routes are variable and will be adjusted, so you will get the most out of local festivities and activities.

Depending on the timeframe, the route will be planned according to the customers interests and seasonal aspects.

There is also a possibility for those who don't feel up to riding the full trip and “non-riders” to escort the group in a JEEP.

The fascination of the country grabbed me a year and a half ago, when I visited India for the first time and hasn't let me go since then. It is the country in which it is wiser to listen to the heart than to reason and just let things come at oneself. This is also the reason, why the trip skips some main tourist attractions… the trip is about the country, the people, the culture and the animals. I really care about the animals and for some time now especially the zebu. For that reason some of the money from the trip will be donated to Animals Angels, a local charity.
- Andrea Jänisch