About us

Our horse safaris are reminiscent of an ancient way of travelling, a slow journey of discovery which for horse-lovers in particular is the best way to get in touch with the soul of our wonderful state, known in the past as Registhan – the "land of the desert".

When you ride with us on one of our safaris you will capture and absorb the whole spectrum of life in Rajasthan, from the very simple life of farmers – who work the land and raise cattle and camels – to the privileged life of the royal families. It is a unique chance to experience and understand rural life in India, its breathtaking landscapes and tiny villages. You will come into contact with local people and witness their everyday lives: women and children collecting water at village wells, camel or donkey carts going to market overloaded with produce, or men and women working in the fields. Sometimes a bit shy, but always very friendly, you’ll be greeted by the children – who often run alongside the horses - with their ‘tata’ or ‘ram ram ra’, but more often than not they’ll immortalised you on horseback, a precious memento of your visit and excited topic of conversation.

Along sandy or dirt tracks, and very rarely tarmac roads, we pass through small villages, settlements and bigger towns full of monuments, temples, shrines, and stepwells. From your privileged position on horseback you will look through the unique, curved ears of your Marwari or Kathiawari across what was one of the richest regions in India with its splendid forts, temples and havelis, mementos of a glorious past. The leisurely pace of horseback travel will give you all the time you need to recognize the different faces of our country and enjoy the great landscapes.

The routes of our horse safaris are all organised along excellent terrain varying between open sandy desert, rural farmlands, small villages, the fertile Aravali hills, and flat, sandy tracks bordered by rough scrub, acacia and Khejri trees. The day’s itinerary and chosen tracks vary with the route and time of year.

Early in the season – when the fields are still full of millet, wheat and chick-pea – we are careful not to spoil the crops and wind our way along the dirt and sand tracks bordering the fields. Later in the season, chiefly after the Diwali festival in early November, we take advantage of the empty harvested fields and cut right through – an open invitation for a good relaxing gallop! During the hot weather we start early in the morning to catch the cool breeze and then stop for a long lunch and siesta in the countryside; the afternoon ride starts after a quick cup of tea around three in time to reach our hotel or camp and a hot, smoothing shower. Instead, during the long good season when the weather is at its best the morning ride is a little longer and our midday lunch break a little shorter; our afternoon ride starts on schedule after a short siesta so that we have more time to spend at our night stop.

During our safaris guests are accommodated in luxury tents or, depending on the itinerary and the distance between night stops, we provide a combination of camps and hotels. All the hotel rooms have a private en suite bathroom with toilet, shower or bath. Hot and cold running water and electricity is available, but please remember we are in rural India and service may be limited or interrupted – all part of the fun!

The itineraries illustrated on this website have been planned many months in advance, however some adjustments may have to be made depending on the weather, local conditions or unforeseen circumstances. We have provided maps to give you an idea of where we will be travelling, but not the actual routes since dirt tracks and sandy deserts are yet to be properly surveyed…. however hard you may try to find them on Google Earth! But again, rural India on horseback is an adventure and a step back into the past … one which you will always remember – an unforgettable experience for any horse lover.